What is a first edition print?

That is a brand new piece of artwork that was printed for the very first time. It is also hand numbered "1-100" accompanied by my signature. 


what happens if you sell out of a first edition?

Once I sell all 100 first editions, I do reprint the artwork but they are NO longer labeled as first editions and no longer serialized. It now becomes one of my standard prints. 


Can i purchase a first edition in a standard version?

To keep the authenticity of my first edition prints, I only reprint standard prints once I sell out of my first 100 edition print run... so no.


How long will my artwork take to arrive?

All shipments go through USPS and will take 2-3 weeks to get to your door step. 


Can I commission you to do a custom piece? 

Yes, absolutely!! Just shoot me an email through the "Contact me" page or a message through my Facebook or Instagram below.